5 Best Alexandrite Bracelets Review 2023

Alexandrite bracelets display the rare and beautiful Alexandrite gemstone. Alexandrite, a kind of chrysoberyl, changes color from green in daylight to deep red or purple under incandescent light.

These bracelets include Alexandrite gemstones carved into faceted forms to enhance their brightness and color-changing qualities. Gemstones set in gold or silver enhance their inherent brilliance.

Alexandrite bracelets are meaningful. They symbolize balance, change, and luck. Alexandrite bracelets provide pleasure, wealth, and intuition.

Collectors and gemstone aficionados want Alexandrite bracelets due to their rarity. Their beauty and ability to change color make them valuable additions to any jewelry collection. Check out these top 5 Alexandrite bracelets.

Best Alexandrite Bracelets

1. CDE Silver Gold Alexandrite Birthstone Bracelet

CDE Silver Gold Alexandrite Birthstone Bracelet

It combines elegance and tenderness. This gorgeous item has a thin silver-gold chain with a sparkling Alexandrite gemstone in light purple. The bracelet blends current and classic aesthetics.

From the complex silver-gold chain links to the faceted Alexandrite centerpiece, every detail shows high-quality workmanship. The June birthstone, light purple, signifies serenity, equilibrium, and emotional recovery.

This bracelet fits every wrist with its adjustable length. Its sturdy clasp lets you wear it confidently wherever. This bracelet enhances your outfit for formal or informal occasions.

2. Silvershake Alexandrite Adjustable Link Bracelet

Silvershake Alexandrite Adjustable Link Jewelry

A fantastic bracelet by Silvershake that has a color-changing Alexandrite gemstone in 925 sterling silver. This bracelet has 14.9 carats of Alexandrite stones that change color from blue-green in daylight to purple-red in incandescent light.

The bracelet’s Victorian design adds class. Its 7-to-8.5-inch adjustable link structure makes it comfy. Its clasp holds it all day.

This bracelet is striking due to its excellent gemstone, sterling silver workmanship, and Victorian style. Its timeless appeal makes it perfect for special occasions or regular use.

3. NICCOLETTI 4 Ct Alexandrite Royal Clasp Bangle

NICCOLETTI 4 Ct Alexandrite Royal Clasp Bangle

Its nice design and high-quality materials radiate elegance. This bangle has a 14Kt gold-filled or sterling silver clasp to suit different tastes. Alexandrite noted for its captivating color-changing capabilities, lends royal beauty to the clasp.

The bracelet is well-made to last. The 4 Ct Alexandrite stone shines brightly as the centerpiece. This bangle will be appreciated whether worn alone or piled with other bangles. This is a classy birthday present for the exceptional ladies in your life.

4. Rylos Simulated Alexandrite Topaz & Diamond Bracelet

Rylos Simulated Topaz & Diamond Bangle

This sterling silver bracelet is durable and polished. Amazing simulated alexandrite gemstones dazzle with color. Diamonds enhance the alternate jewels. This bracelet fits 7–8-inch wrists. Its tennis bracelet design links gemstones and diamonds to create a seamless effect.

Depending on illumination, synthetic alexandrite gemstones have brilliant colors including purples, blues, greens, and pinks. The bracelet’s mysterious color-changing function makes it a striking accent for any event.

5. Barzel 18K Opal Tennis Alexandrite Bracelet

Barzel 18K Opal Tennis Jewellery

This 18K gold-plated Alexandrite bracelet is hilarious and colorful. Made of durable materials and measures 7 inches. The bracelet’s focus is the made opal stones, which mimic genuine opals’ colors.

The tennis-style row of opal stones shimmers. Its captivating color-changing alexandrite stones alternate with the opal stones. It comes in 18K white or rose gold plating. The bracelet’s gold coating adds elegance.

This bracelet is great for formal and informal situations since it adds beauty to any clothing, whether you select white gold or rose gold. It makes a nice birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion present.


Buying the best Alexandrite bracelets requires numerous considerations. First, check the gemstone’s origin and quality. Request credentials from reputed jewelers. Next, make sure the bracelet’s design and quality match your tastes.

Consider setting, metal, and aesthetics. Compare the pricing to comparable items on the market. Finally, check customer reviews for seller reputation and service. These factors will help you choose the best Alexandrite bracelet.

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