5 Best Alexandrite Necklaces Review 2023

Alexandrite necklaces showcase the stunning gemstone alexandrite. Alexandrite’s color-changing characteristics make it uncommon and valuable. This is unique in that it changes color under various settings.

It’s green or bluish-green in daytime and deep purplish-red or raspberry in candlelight. Its mesmerizing color-changing phenomenon, known as the “alexandrite effect,” is a natural wonder.

These spectacular necklaces are excellent for special events or heritage jewelry. Alexandrite necklaces showcase the beauty and uniqueness of this rare gemstone. Check out our top 5 best Alexandrite necklaces.

Best Alexandrite Necklaces

Selecting The Best Alexandrite Necklaces

Choosing the perfect Alexandrite necklace is fun and rewarding. Jewelry lovers love Alexandrite for its remarkable color-changing characteristics. Consider these considerations to choose the right Alexandrite necklace:

Authenticity: Alexandrite is a rare stone with numerous fakes. Buy from reliable jewelers or sources for authenticity. Ask about gemstone certificates or origin and authenticity details.

Color: Alexandrite’s color-changing ability is particularly appealing. It becomes crimson or purplish-red under candlelight or incandescent light from green. Find stones with significant color changes. Alexandrite’s value increases with color change.

Clarity: Alexandrite is often impure. Inclusions may reduce a gem’s brightness and aesthetic attractiveness. High-quality Alexandrite is transparent and clear.

Cut: Alexandrite attractiveness depends on its cut. Well-cut stones highlight the gem’s color-changing capabilities and brightness. Symmetrical, well-proportioned cuts accentuate the stone’s intrinsic qualities. Round, circular, and cushioned Alexandrite necklaces are popular.

Size: Rare Alexandrite is more valued in greater sizes. Size affects pricing. Choose the Alexandrite necklace size based on your budget and preferences. Smaller stones may still change color and be gorgeous.

Setting: Alexandrite necklace settings alter appearance. Match the gemstone’s colour with gold or platinum settings. Alexandrite patterns with warm and chilly colors. Whether you pick a simple solitaire pendant or a complicated design with accent stones, be sure the setting highlights the Alexandrite.

Budget: Set your Alexandrite necklace budget before shopping. Size, color, clarity, and quality affect Alexandrite prices. Balance your needs with your budget. Consult a jeweler for affordable, high-quality solutions.

Reputation: When buying a pricey piece of jewelry like an Alexandrite necklace, find a reputed jeweler with a history of quality gemstones and great customer service. Check reviews, suggestions, and the jeweler’s qualifications and guarantees.

Personal Style: Choose an Alexandrite necklace that suits your taste. Choose a subtle or bold design. Choose a necklace you like and that suits your lifestyle.

For the finest Alexandrite necklace, consider authenticity, color, clarity, cut, size, setting, budget, jeweler reputation, and personal choice. By carefully considering these factors, you may choose a magnificent Alexandrite necklace that showcases this wonderful gemstone.

1. Peora Created Alexandrite Necklace

Peora Created Alexandrite Necklace

The women’s Peora Alexandrite pendant necklace is stunning. Its 14K white gold setting has a 1-carat Alexandrite heart. Alexandrite’s color changes from bright green in daylight to rich purplish-red under incandescent light.

Genuine diamonds surround the pendant’s centerpiece, giving elegance and glitter. Diamonds and Alexandrite make a stunning pair. The Alexandrite pendant’s 6mm diameter makes a statement without overwhelming the wearer.

This necklace is perfect for special events or thoughtful gifts. It showcases jewels and white gold elegance. Peora’s high-quality workmanship makes this pendant beautiful and durable. It exudes class and grandeur.

2. Ursilver Alexandrite Birthstone Necklace

Ursilver Birthstone Necklace

The Ursilver Bnecklace for Women is exquisitely made. Elegant S925 sterling silver makes this necklace. A round Alexandrite birthstone pendant hangs from its dainty chain.

A 2CT birthstone pendant adds glitter to any ensemble. The necklace’s adjustable length makes it comfy and customizable.

Ursilver birthstone necklaces are trendy and significant. This birthstone necklace is a wonderful present for loved ones.

The necklace is high-quality and well-made regardless of Alexandrite kind. It adds refinement to every outfit with its classic style.

3. Galaxy Gold GG 14K Gold Alexandrite Necklace

Galaxy Gold GG 14K Gold Pendant

This 14K white gold necklace by Galaxy Gold GG is timeless. The AAA lab-grown oval Alexandrite is the star. Alexandrite, a rare gemstone, changes from green to purple under incandescent light. The necklace’s mysterious hues come from the diamond.

The necklace has a delicate chain and was carefully made. The clasp secures it and adds ease.

Ideal for special events and daily use. It simply draws attention and shows the wearer’s exquisite taste. This necklace showcases excellent jewelry’s beauty and workmanship.

4. IEFRICH Birthstone Alexandrite Necklace

IEFRICH Birthstone Alexandrite Jewel

The IEFRICH Birthstone Necklace for ladies and teens is gorgeous. This beautiful sterling silver necklace has a 16-inch chain and a 2-inch extender for flexible size.

The alexandrite birthstone pendant is this necklace’s centerpiece. Alexandrite, a striking gemstone, changes color from green to purple depending on illumination. The pendant highlights Alexandrite’s beauty.

This lovely necklace with a significant birthstone is a great birthday or another special occasion present. Its sterling silver chain and brilliant Alexandrite pendant make a classic and adaptable item that may be worn with casual and elegant clothing.

The IEFRICH alexandrite necklace is perfect for adding beauty and emotion to your jewelry collection.

5. VEMAZA Alexandrite Heart Pendant Necklace

VEMAZA Alexandrite Heart Pendant Necklace

The sterling silver VEMAZA color change Alexandrite necklace is amazing. It has an Alexandrite-encrusted heart-shaped pendant. Also, this necklace has an intriguing Alexandrite gemstone, which changes color depending on the lighting.

Elegant and feminine, the silver chain suspends the pendant. The necklace’s sterling silver setting adds elegance and longevity. This artwork is meticulously crafted.

This necklace is peculiar and adaptable because Alexandrite changes color. Its vivid green and purple colors make it a stunning addition to any occasion. The VEMAZA pendant necklace will stand out in your jewelry collection whether you wear it day or night.


Buying the finest Alexandrite necklaces requires numerous considerations. First, buy the diamond from a reliable jeweler. Find gemstones that shift from green to red under varied lighting. Maximize brightness with stone cut and clarity.

Pick a necklace that matches your style. Check certificates and quality assurances. Finally, compare necklace pricing and value. With these tips, you may choose a lifetime-worthy Alexandrite necklace.

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